“Learning and implementing a techniques of medical etiquette are no longer just desirable, there are becoming a necessity as the public expects now demands a high level of customer sensitivity and service in the delivery of healthcare services. Medical Etiquette Consultants has shown an ability to transfer an understanding of the importance of etiquette techniques as being integral to delivering care that is specified as being of as high quality as that care is in its clinical quality.”

– Robert E. Goff, Executive Director, NYU University Physician’s Network

“Melissa Leonard presented her wonderful knowledge of business etiquette at our Executive Network Program meeting.  Her in depth understanding of the subject matter, as well as her fun communication style, made this program truly worth-while and information for all members of our group.  The information we gained regarding business introductions, dining etiquette, and proper cell phone and email etiquette, will serve us all well in years to come.  I am very glad we asked her to come speak at our meeting this month.”
– Susan B. Henner, Esq.

“I want to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Melissa Leonard on the outstanding job she did in conducting etiquette training for our sales and marketing staffs. We are engaged in the highly competitive investment sales business where appearances, manners, and comportment are integral to building and maintaining relationships with retail brokers. Melissa’s training was highly effective in raising the social confidence level of our most experienced people. In addition, her program was ideal for basic social and dining training for our youngest internal sales people. We will continue to invest in our people and will definitely engage Melissa again in the future!”
– Robert T. Cassato, Exec. Vice President, John Hancock

“I recently attended an etiquette dinner party, taught by Melissa Leonard. The evening was both entertaining and educational! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to gain confidence and a working knowledge of etiquette. The environment, a dinner with friends, made the learning process more fun and social. In this type of setting, I was able to test out my newly acquired knowledge and had the opportunity to ask further questions.

When I attended a work function the following week, I was amazed at my confidence in navigating through the evening. For the first time, I was able to enjoy the dinner conversation instead of fumbling with utensils, trying not to embarrass myself. As I looked around the table I realized that others were actually looking to me as an example. When I arranged my utensils to indicate that I had completed the meal, I noticed the rest of the table was trying to discreetly reposition theirs to match. What a confidence booster! This is exactly the message I want to send to my business colleagues: I am confident and capable in all aspects of business.

I am torn between telling everyone I meet about Melissa Leonard and keeping this secret all to myself! However, I must stay true to my newly-refined self and therefore, will graciously advise all to get Melissa Leonard’s Etiquette Training – you will not regret it!”
– Laura, Harrison, NY

“I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your wonderful instruction. It was extremely helpful as it raised my confidence level in dealing with various social situations that present themselves at work and in my private life. I highly recommend your training to any person or organization wishing to enhance their professional or personal image.”
– Rolinda Ordinez, Brooklyn, NY

“Melissa, thank you so much for a very enlightening dinner party. I already knew that learning the do’s and don’t of etiquette would be fun, but I didn’t know how applicable I would find it so soon afterwards! I found my increased awareness of introductions and table etiquette has changed the way I act, for the better. While at a party or function, my new motto is “put your best fork forward” and give the most distinguished impression possible while still being natural, because it might be the only opportunity I have. Being in the health care industry, I meet new patients all the time, and like you said, you only have 5 seconds to make a good first impression. The etiquette dinner has even sparked many enlightening discussions with co-workers about the lack of standards, morals, and ethics in today’s society, and how it trickles all the way down to lack of basic table manners. Melissa, thank you so much for giving me your keen insight on etiquette and protocol and I know I will benefit from the course for years to come!”
– Lisa, NP, RN, BC, OCN, White Plains, NY

“Thank you for running the etiquette course for the National and Key Account teams. We received great feedback from all who attended, who said they learned a great deal from the session. The training has been a hot topic with my family and friends.”

“…everyone can use a refresher. I enjoyed the “hand shake” portion, especially how to avoid a kisser!”

“What did I find to be the most helpful segment of Melissa’s seminar? To be honest…everything. It was my first formal training session. Now I know what to be aware of when it comes to proper etiquette. Melissa is charismatic, professional and was a strong leader for a group like ours. I plan to apply the ideas I learned at my next client dinner. I’m confident that I will do everything right and they’re sure to notice.”

“Everyone in formal business settings should be required to go through etiquette training.”
– Key & National Account Team, Manulife Financial

“Melissa was outstanding. I enjoyed the cheerful environment. Everything was helpful…from learning basic proper dinner etiquette to the proper business protocol. I consider my father, the most respected figure in my life. He taught me all that pertained to etiquette, manners and protocol which led to his desire to give my brothers and I the confidence and security when interacting with my friends, business associates, and people in general. To my predilection, Melissa brought back those feeling of self-assurance and coolness – I embraced it. She was extremely professional and brought with her a touch of class and charisma. I highly recommend her. Thank you Melissa”
– Fred Donado, Divisional Assistant Vice President, Insurance Sales & Marketing, UBS Financial Services Inc.

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the wonderful evening of etiquette I attended. I found it to be both informative and truly an evening of fun. I have encouraged my family and close friends to take your program so that they too can boost their etiquette knowledge and hone both their social and dining etiquette. I had the pleasure of learning helpful do’s and don’ts that I never knew existed. Most importantly, as my husband often takes clients and their wives out for dinner, I now have more confidence when socializing and find I can apply my new found etiquette knowledge and enjoy the evening without the anxiety of making an etiquette faux pas. How great to be able to teach my children the correct basics of good manners and etiquette and I’m looking forward to sending them to your children’s etiquette course. Thank you again for your outstanding and worthwhile services.”
– R.B, Mamaroneck, NY

“Melissa was able to teach business etiquette in a fun, interesting and lasting manner. The seminar went very well and taught me everything I needed to know for business situations, both in and out of the office. She is very good at helping others understand etiquette and gives examples people can relate to while still focusing on the rule at hand. Her wonderful personality and sense of humor made the class fun and lighthearted. The lessons learned will be very useful for all client interaction. Time flew by!”
– Wells, Canning & Associates

“We hosted our first etiquette dinner in June. What fun! We ate, drank, learned and laughed (though, of course, not with our mouths full!). From the basics, such as which fork is which; to interesting etiquette tidbits and lore, the dinner was a delightful learning experience for all. Melissa Leonard’s distinctive style and sense of humor made the evening a resounding success. Four thumbs up! “
– Miles & Beth, Westchester County

“Melissa did a fabulous job coaching our 8 year old son on proper table manners. She has a fun, light, hands-on approach which made, what could have been an unbearable experience for our young guy, an enjoyable and rewarding one. Our final “family dinner” was our son’s opportunity to show-off what he had learned and teach us all a thing or two. Bravo to Melissa!”
– Alexa Ragsdale, Pelham, NY

“My only regret about your presentation to our student body was that the parents of the participants couldn’t witness how enthusiastic their daughters were about learning etiquette! You made the rules of good behavior fun and engaging, while gently ensuring our girls knew that these same rules had meaning and purpose in our society. You were endlessly patient with their many questions, providing relevant detail and background with humor and poise. Rarely have I heard our girls so unanimously exclaim the virtues of an evening with a guest lecturer; they all want to know when you can come back for round two!”
– Ms. Trudy Hall, Head of School, Emma Willard School

“My family had a wonderful experience with Melissa Leonard. I had always been frustrated with my children’s table manners, but I did not know enough about etiquette to teach them correctly. Melissa’s program was very enjoyable. She is extremely non-threatening and puts you at ease right away. She started off with an etiquette quiz which was fun to take, but also demonstrated how much we needed to learn. Melissa gave us amazing pointers. For example, we were all holding our forks the wrong way. She gave my 17-year old son great tips on dating and my 11 year old son now knows how to set the table correctly. Knowing simple things like where the bread dish goes and how to eat a roll properly will go along way for us whether we are dining for business or pleasure. Melissa’s program is ideal for everyone from individual families to business executives who are looking to move up the corporate ladder in today’s competitive world.”
– Risa Goldberg, Tarrytown, NY