I.  Introduction

  1. Welcome
  2. How little subtleties can make a big difference
  3. Holding yourself to a higher standard
  4. Dealing with resident’s tempers & bad moods
  5. The pitfalls of being in such a public position
  6. When curtness supersedes politeness

II. Keeping it professional

  1. Using honorifics at all times
  2. Appropriate language
  3. When residents guilt officers
  4. When you feel like you can’t deal with one more resident giving you a hard time
  5. Flirtation

III. Cultural Identities

  1. Word choice and tone of voice
    1. Age
    2. Race
    3. Gender
  2. When those accuse you of being racist

IV. Routine Traffic Stops

  1. How to respond to rude remarks
  2. How to diffuse arguments or disgruntled residents
  3. The time & place for getting down to certain individual’s level
  4. Those who get out of car during a stop
  5. When information isn’t given in reasonable time frame
    1. Too busy on cell phone
  6. Those who ask for directions while giving a ticket to another
  7. When individuals beg for no ticket or mere warning

V. It’s a Matter of Safety

  1. Gawkers
  2. Those who want to get from point A to B without being hassled
  3. Flood issues
  4. Routine parking tickets or stops gone wrong

VI. Around Your Town

  1. Meeting and Greeting Residents on street
  2. B. Front Desk
    1. Always giving callers an answer
    2. Politeness for those who call 911 for non-emergencies
    3. Keeping a positive attitude even though hectic
  3. Diffusing non-urgent situations, regardless of how busy
  4. Practicing as your preach
    1. Cell phone usage while driving
    2. Unnecessarily going through red lights
  5. Entering premises of those who won’t let you in or don’t want you there
  6. Directing traffic