Etiquette For Children And Young Adults

Wouldn’t it be nice to enter adulthood with the skills necessary to handle daily encounters with confidence and grace? In this fun and interactive course, your students will learn contemporary solutions for many of the often-intimidating social situations they encounter on a daily basis. Far from the stuffy, formal “white glove” rules of past generations, these skills are for today’s “real kids”!

Manners make all the difference and the importance of early training cannot be overemphasized. After all, our children will be the future politicians, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, parents and key figures in society. Their success in life is directly related to what we instill in them now. It may be something as simple as knowing how to shake hands, how to introduce themselves to grownups, showing gratitude and respect for others or even which fork and glass is appropriate to use.

Giving a child this knowledge and confidence is a gift that will be carried with them as they embark on their journey to adulthood. More importantly, it will enable them to make a good first impression throughout their lives. This course will impact their actions and attitudes as well as develop important leadership skills that will be carried through life. Whether at home or at school, or interacting with peers and parents, each child will have the know-how and confidence to develop their own style and not just follow the crowd.

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